Sunday Scans: My Favorite Holiday Movies

With the holidays quickly approaching (yikes!), my thoughts turn to holiday movies.  I turn to the same favorites year after year.  I thought I’d share those with  you today.

Bee Bag Lady: My Favorite Holiday Movies

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First Chill Beef Stew

When the first chill comes in the fall, I start thinking of a nice big bowl of beef stew.  Yesterday was that day here in Texas, so out came the ingredients for this comfort food.

Bee Bag Lady: First Chill Beef Stew

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Blue Police Box Quilt

My daughter is a fan of a certain BBC science fiction television show, so I wanted to create something special for her birthday.  I decided to design a Blue Police Box Quilt.

Bee Bag Lady: Blue Police Box Quilt

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Sunday Scans: Some Bees

This Sunday, I’m going to share some of my new bees.  They were all received last week for my retirement.

Bee Bag Lady: Bee Coffee

A coworker gave me this pretty mug, along with the coffee to go in it.  I love the French look of the mug.

Bee Bag Lady: Bee Charm

This Queen Bee was given to me by another coworker.  It’s supposed to be a purse charm, but I found another home for it.

Bee Bag Lady: Bee Wall Hanging

Hanging from my bee wall hanging in my sewing studio.  Isn’t it perfect?

Bee Bag Lady: Bee Mugs

Lastly, this mug was so perfect for me, I received it twice!  My sister gave me one and a coworker gave me the other.  Now I have a set!  Clearly, this mug had my name all over it.

Bee Bag Lady: Trained Sewing Instructor